Rental of ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters for liquids

This flow meter is extremely popular in flow surveys because of its ability to conduct speedy measurements with minimum user knowledge

The EESIFLO EASZ-10P is a handheld non -invasive microprocessor based meter for measuring the flow rate and total volume 

The EES TG 11 is a multi purpose industrial type ultrasonic thickness gauge. It uses the transit time ultrasonic wave propagation



FlowRent can supply an ultrasonic flow meter to your facilities tomorrow morning .... anywhere in the UK. Flowmeters for purchase or hire from our stock.

FlowRent UK are ultrasonic flow meter suppliers based in the United Kingdom with partners in the USA and Asia. If you have international flow metering needs, we can arrange it. Simply view our contact page for details of Flow Meter Hire services in other parts of the world and contact the location nearest to you. 

 Flow Rent UK are ultrasonic flow meter suppliers specialises in hiring out liquid flow meter solutions using the best in class flowmeters. With these meters, there is no need to cut the pipe or stop the process flow. They can act as a water or waste water flow meter, a chemical flow meter or give you information on oil flow. Our flow meters are very simple to use, highly accurate and repeatable and they are built with the user experience in mind. We have flowmeters in stock that have built in data logging capabilities so that a flow survey can be conducted on site and the data retrieved for viewing.  Contact us with details on your pipe sizes and the liquid application for a quick technical and commercial offer.

Flow Meter Hire : “Lease to own” plans are also available for long term requirements.

Flow Meter Hire UK : Our portable flowmeters are available for hire on both short term and long term rental plans.FlowRent UK is flexible enough to understand that not everyone's needs are the same. From single flow meter hire options to multiple flow sensors with data logging we cover applications that require spot checks and also flow balancing. We are based in London but can hire out flow meters to any part of the UK. If you need a flow meter in Aberdeen, Ireland, Wales or anywhere in the United Kingdom this week just get in touch with our London office.


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The ultrasonic flow meter has been designed for flow surveys in liquid pipes. It is battery operated and fully weather proof with IP68 connections on the PEEK flow transducers and also where the flow cables connect to the electronic measuring circuits. 

Our transit time flowmeters actually cover most applications where a doppler flow meter was formerly used but there are still a few cases where measurement is impossible using any other device than a doppler. Flow Rental has the tools and equipment to satisfy all of your clamp on flow metering applications.