Rental of ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters for liquids

Flow Meter Types for hire and Thickness Gauges

The two main flowmeters available for hire in the UK  are the Portalok 7s and the 10P. The flowmeters provide an easier way to check a water flow meter , water pumps, heat exchangers and a myriad of other applications that may involve flow balancing. Rather than rely on calculations to guess the flow rate, simply clamp on a meter from Flow Rent UK and get instant, accurate and dependable results. We cover all UK regions and have hire units available for use in North and South England, Wales, Northern/Southern Ireland and Scotland.

The Portalok 7s is a Portable Clamp on flow meter manufactured by EESIFLO. It uses the transit time propagation technique through two paired sensors positioned upstream and downstream of the pipe. It is suitable for clean and dirty liquids and can measure the flow in liquids with some aeration. A common application is the measurement of water and often to check the accuracy and repeatability of other water meters that may need calibration or repair. Another popular application is checking water pump output e.g. undersized pumps and pumps with cavitation problems. There are many other industry applications where the meter is used to verify what is happening in a process pipe, whether the pipe is full or verifying the liquid flow direction (our transit time meters measure bi-directionally)  The unit can also measure other sonically conductive water based liquids and also oil. Our meters have been used across a wide range of industries from power plants, to chemical and petrochemical, water distribution pipelines, wastewater plants, ship engine rooms, HVAC and more.

 The 10 P flow meter is used mainly for highly Aerated liquids or liquids with larger amounts of suspended solids. The 10P ultrasonic flow meter uses the  Doppler principle. Although the Portalok 7S meter can measure waste water, the 10 P is a lower cost alternative. Understanding how the transit time and doppler flow meters work enables users to make the right flow meter selection which should always be considered.

Transit Time Flow Meter Measurement Animation - signals are sent back and forth through the liquid. The time differential is affected by the flow velocity which is accurately calculated and turned into a volumetric flow rate. If the pipe parameters and liquid parameters are entered accurately into the flowmeter, then accurate measurement of flow rate is possible.


Doppler Flow Meter Principle Measurement Animation - A constant ultrasonic wave is always penetrating the pipe and bounced back by bubbles or reflectors. The ultrasonic flow meter uses the measured doppler shift to determine the velocity of the flow. Flow measurements are made by simply entering in the pipe internal diameter to the hand held flow computing device.

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flowmeters for hire in UK

Portalok 7S Ultrasonic Flowmeters

  • Single Pipe (1 inch to 100 inches) 
  • Special versions for small and large pipes.
  • Transit-Time Measurements
  • 24 Hours on Rechargeable Battery
  • Clean or Dirty Fluids
  • Data Logging (60,000 Records)
  • 4 to 20 mA and Binary Outputs


EASZ-10P Handheld Doppler flowmeters

The EESIFLO EASZ-10P is a handheld non -invasive microprocessor based meter for measuring the flow rate and total volume of liquids flowing through process and effluent pipelines. It is suitable for a wide range of liquids, including aerated water, liquids containing suspended solids, slurries and sludges. Contact us for information on what flow meter will best suit your process conditions.


EES TG 11 Thickness Gauges

The EES TG 11 is a multi purpose industrial type ultrasonic thickness gauge. It uses the transit time ultrasonic wave propagation principle to measure the thickness of materials of several types including metals and plastics. The probe acts as a sender and receiver of a 5 MHz ultrasonic signal and an internal counter calculates the time taken for the signals sending and receiving through the solid being measured. 


Acoustic Couplant

  • Couplant for clamp on meter installations
  • Part number #99 0739-1
  • Works with any brand of portable clamp on flowmeter
  • HMIS rating

The ultrasonic flow meter has been designed for flow surveys in liquid pipes. It is battery operated and fully weather proof with IP68 connections on the PEEK flow transducers and also where the flow cables connect to the electronic measuring circuits. 

Our transit time flowmeters actually cover most applications where a doppler flow meter was formerly used but there are still a few cases where measurement is impossible using any other device than a doppler. Flow Rental has the tools and equipment to satisfy all of your clamp on flow metering applications.