Rental of ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters for liquids

EASZ-TG11 Thickness Gauge

flowmeters for hire in UK
flowmeters for hire in UK


  • Built in calibration test block
  • Small and light weight
  • Detachable sensor piece
  • Easy operation


  • Wall thickness measurements of hard materials, piping and hull plates
  • General inspection of metals including steel, cast iron, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium sheet metal, tanks, ships and piping systems
  • Inspection of glass , ceramics and hard plastics

Non intrusive thickness measurements of

Heat Exchangers, Tubing ,Pressure vessels ,Castings ,Forgings ,Boilers, Plastic , metal and glass pipe Machined Parts, Axles ,Rails,Wheels, Storage Tanks, Steamlines, Flanges , Ship hulls ,Decking Airframes, Aircraft windows,Plates ,Slabs,Blooms ,Billets ,Bars ,Plastic Sheets ,Pipes ,Rolls Glass Plates ,Beams ,Extrusions ,Bridges and many other surfaces that are sonically conductive 


The EES TG 11 is a multi purpose industrial type ultrasonic thickness gauge. It uses the transit time ultrasonic wave propagation principle to measure the thickness of materials of several types including metals and plastics. The probe acts as a sender and receiver of a 5 MHz ultrasonic signal and an internal counter calculates the time taken for the signals sending and receiving through the solid being measured.

The EES TG 11 can be set at different acoustic velocities depending on the material being measured. The instruction book includes a table of acoustic velocities for some of the commonly used materials. In the absence of the acoustic velocity of the material being measured, it is still possible to measure materials of this kind if a representative sample is available of a known thickness.  Reliable and easy measurements can be made on storage tanks, heat exchangers, machine parts, rails, plates, wheels, forgings , castings and pressure vessels.

Video Instructions - How to use a thickness gauge (Model TG-11


The ultrasonic flow meter has been designed for flow surveys in liquid pipes. It is battery operated and fully weather proof with IP68 connections on the PEEK flow transducers and also where the flow cables connect to the electronic measuring circuits. 

Our transit time flowmeters actually cover most applications where a doppler flow meter was formerly used but there are still a few cases where measurement is impossible using any other device than a doppler. Flow Rental has the tools and equipment to satisfy all of your clamp on flow metering applications.