Rental of ultrasonic clamp on flowmeters for liquids

Portalok 7S Flow Meter

flowmeters for hire in UK


  • Single Pipe (1 inch to 100 inches)
  • Doppler & Transit-Time measurement
  • 24 Hours on Rechargeable Battery
  • Clean or Dirty Fluids
  • Data Logging (60,000 Records)
  • 4 to 20 mA and Binary Outputs


Flow device overview

The Portalok 7s clamp on ultrasonic flow meter is a tested and tried flow meter with a proven track record. It has often been used to check pump efficiency, pump capacity, water meter accuracy, oil flow and as a general flow check device in factories around the United Kingdom.


Literally hundreds of thousands of reliable measurements in almost every imaginable clamp on liquid flow application have been made with the Portalok 7s. The flow meter is extremely popular in flow surveys because of its ability to conduct speedy measurements with minimum user knowledge. Engineers and technicians who are familiar with our flow meters often want to use them again on future jobs because of their reliability. Failing on flow measurements can be very time consuming and frustrating for the actual end users and operators of the equipment who want reliable and easy to use (EASY FLOW) flowmeters. The EESIFLO® Portalok 7S ultrasonic flow meter does exactly what most users want in a fraction of the time it takes for others but also provides accurate and meaningful results. Flow readings can be saved in the built in data logger and extracted for viewing in Excel spreadsheets. The Portalok 7S clamp on flowmeters can be bought in a standard configuration that will cover most applications in the field. Call us if you are in the UK for a test run if you have never used a clamp on flow meter before.

 Flow Rent is part of a group of companies that hire our flowmeters around the world and not just in the UK.



The ultrasonic flow meter has been designed for flow surveys in liquid pipes. It is battery operated and fully weather proof with IP68 connections on the PEEK flow transducers and also where the flow cables connect to the electronic measuring circuits. 

Our transit time flowmeters actually cover most applications where a doppler flow meter was formerly used but there are still a few cases where measurement is impossible using any other device than a doppler. Flow Rental has the tools and equipment to satisfy all of your clamp on flow metering applications.